Super shitty Instagram pictures WOOO.
First is angsty duchess and cook.
Second is some hallowt that will be the death of me istg.
And the third was one part of a commission I did that got scrapped for a different kinda same picture.

update on the chibs. 

Okay so new ones are 

Jub Jub Bird, Duchess and Cook

Jub jub i’m still trying to figure out things on her but lets say shes kind of a doctor but she can also be a killer. 

Duchess and Cook are married, Duchess very much wants kids but she treats her pets and stuffed animals like dolls so Cook is not about the children life yet.  AND they don’t actually have costumes because i headcanon that they don’t actually play in a band, they just own a bar.

I am madly in love with your blog!!! I love how you draw all your characters and make up some of your own!!! Okay.. Sorry for all the exclamation points :)

no no no its totally fine thank you soo so much !!!!!!! 


Background story: 

Bandersnatch and Dormouse really don’t like each other and find any reason possible to start a fight with each other/ argue 

Bander caught Mouse in a already bad mood. 

Viona:  You felt the need to show some strange dominance? 

Slater: NO, He was a dick someone needed to put him in his place

Viona: Well, Next time the Dormouse is a “Dick” Ignore it. You’ll lose your other eye for sure. 

The jub Jub bird chibi

Hi! I just found your Mad T Party art, and it is one of my absolute favorite styles! I especially love the way you draw the Dormouse. I've just been scrolling through every page of your blog for the past couple of days. All the Marvel art! It's brilliant! I just wanted to tell you that, and that you should never, ever stop drawing because all your art is incredible. Thanks for feeding my Mad T Party obsession! (The 'Down the Rabbit Hole' band is amazing, by the way. Best spinoff ever!)

oh my god thank you so much 

I was kinda feeling like no one really liked the DtRH guys im so very ecstatic that you like it!!

Every single piece of art you post on here is amazing, really. I mean I came to the MTP fandom as a Marchmouse shipper, and then I found your Mallice fanart and I was reduced to gasping out loud. It's simultaneously so sweet and gorgeously drawn. I especially love the Valentine's card you made a while back in the shape of a heart. AND THE 'MARCH' CARD OH MY LORD. I fell out of my chair. I wasn't expecting that at all.

The march card is one of my favorites ive done heh <33

Im glad you like it

I suppose I'm just trying to say that I think you are a wonderful artist and I admire your work so much. It's cute, it's funny, it's moving. Ahhh. This is so hard to put into words. Just- thank you. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day! You deserve it. You really really do.

oh my gosh thank you thank you thank youuuu SOOOO MUCH 

sorry for posting these but you are perfect and I cant keep how sweet you are to myself. 


Dumb Chibi cuties 


"Hey babe, nice ears." 

"Hey Bunny, Nice ass."

That sums up their relationship in a nutshell